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Is Solar Electricity for Everyone?


Solar electricity

Solar electricity

Solar electricity has been repped as cheap and easy compared to the conventional power systems we have. It requires very few spare parts, very little maintenance and no fuel at all. Its energy source, the sun, couldn’t be any more natural.

In many cases, it is economical. You can choose to use it on a large scale or small scale. You will have a pollution-free home given off by the solar panels from generating electricity and since it’s renewable, it is eco friendly.

There are many households looking into solar electricity. But despite its advantages, the biggest disadvantage is still not set back. With its extremely high cost of installation, is solar electricity for everyone?

For people who are on lower incomes and most likely don’t have the money to spare for the initial installation of solar panels, there is an alternative. There is a scheme in many countries to offer consumers to have the panels installed and benefit from solar energy without having to pay for it. The household gets to save on electricity bills but the feed-in tariffs go to the panel owner.

But the price for solar electricity is coming down while the costs for conventional energy generation are still rising. However, it is important for the consumers to understand that the solar panels will not be theirs and their returns would not be as much as they expected for the year. Nonetheless, it is still a good zero investment.

Many are concerned that the installation of solar panels is only available to households with very large roofs. But the panels don’t necessarily have to be on the roof of the house. It can be on top of the porch or adapted as a roof facing the sun.

If on the roof indeed, another important factor to be generating solar electricity is to have a south-facing roof. The solar panels must not be obscured by shade that could substantially lessen its efficiency. The energy from the sun must not be blocked at all times.

Can everyone really benefit from solar power? As opposed to many people’s presumptions, the term modern photovoltaic panels basically means generating electricity from sunlight. And this electricity is more suitable to colder northern climates and sunnier regions as well.

The new generation panels on the other hand are more efficient on its use of sunlight. It can generate electricity even on cloudy days. So, there is a solar panel for everyone’s benefit.

If you are considering putting solar panels on your roof, research on the financial incentives and whether the rules are still the same.  The panel may not be yours but you have your place in the sun for the next 25 years. And you are gaining benefits from this clean and renewable source of energy.

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