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Mounting And Setting Up A Solar Roof


solar roofFabricating a solar roof is as easy as counting from one to three. All you need are solar panels, in this case solar shingles and the other necessary materials that form a basic solar energy system. Many solar companies offer solar shingles designed as panels that fit the dimensions of a typical house roof. With a few tweaks you can have your own functioning solar roof.

First, you should survey your household to see where the panels can fit and function perfectly. The portion of your roof which has the most exposure to sunlight will be the best choice here.To assemble your solar roof, lay out the solar panels arranging them in such a way that the optimal amount of sunlight can be captured by the photovoltaic cells.

Next, traverse a set of wires connected to the panels through a series of outlets that have the least amount of obstacles present. This is to minimize interference as well as prevent any possible fire hazards brought about broken wiring systems.

Then attach a set of solar batteries to your solar roof system. These will be your back-up storage facility for any excess solar energy harnessed throughout the day for later use.

Lastly, install a solar inverter for the purpose of  converting your solar power supply to AC power which you can use in your home. Depending on the setup you want, you can either directly connect this to an appliance you want to run or batteries to store power or you can even directly hook it up to your house.

Once you’re finished, you can start using free energy in your home. So just wait until the next electric bill arrives and I am sure that you will surely be happy about the results of your solar roof!

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