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Solar Power in Reducing Carbon Footprint


You may have heard of the term carbon footprint in today’s efforts to advocate the clean and green living.  This is the total set of GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions caused by an event, organization, product or person. It is commonly expressed in the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted.

Carbon footprint has a harmful environmental impact. Perhaps the biggest contributor to this is burning all the coal to generate electricity. In fact, most countries still rely on coal burning power plants for their electricity requirements.

Every year, our carbon emissions are increasing. As it goes up when it should be going down as many industries, organizations and people are aware of it, we still have a disappointing carbon footprint. But perhaps the best and equally massive way to reduce this dirty form of electricity generation is to sprout solar power.

Solar power vs carbon footprint

Solar power vs carbon footprint

Electricity from the sun is what you call clean energy. We can reduce our reliance and replace coal burning electricity generators if we use renewable sources of energy such as from the sun. In so doing, it will reduce our carbon footprint.

Obviously, energy from the sun is abundant. It is continuously available in varying levels all throughout the daylight hours. So, an excellent way to harness that energy to create electricity is by solar panels.

Solar panels are advisable to be installed in homes because solar power is good for our environment. It produces no carbon footprint at all and requires very little energy to produce. If most homes had solar panels and generating half of their total electricity requirements, that is still equivalent to a lot of coal burning electricity generators being shut down.

After you have spent money on your solar panels, it implies little cost to electricity generation which is more on routine maintenance. You know you are saving money with your electricity bills are going down. And if you have enough panels, that means no electricity bills at all.

Installing these panels and having solar power also adds value to your house. Real estate appraisers estimate that for every dollar saved from your yearly energy bill, your house resale value increases by $20. These numbers will grow and your home will be worth more than the cost of the panels necessary.

There are even government subsidiaries making solar panels commercially available. But only a few people are able to afford this technology as it is rather expensive. If you are set to have enough panels to produce efficient solar energy, you can even have a small source of income through it.

All these benefits brought about by solar panels clearly outweigh all the costs. You are guaranteed with electricity even when your town experiences a power outage. You are reducing carbon footprint and helping to look after our environment.

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